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From Brisbane to Bombay, the best of Asia comes to Kuala Lumpur this September for Kita Food Festival

28 June 2024

Kita Food Festival’s fourth Kuala Lumpur Weekender will return from 4 to 8 September.

Stretching over five long and oh-so-tasty days, Kita Food Festival will supercharge Kuala Lumpur with a top crop of star chefs and culinary thought leaders from around the Asia Pacific. There will be events to suit every mood and budget, including: a series of Four-Hand and Kitchen Takeover Dinners featuring chefs from Bangkok to Bangalore. This will be topped by a jam-packed weekend featuring a Big Sunday Barbecue and an exciting new food-focused all-day’er called A Food Affair.

Kita Selects

Former White House chef Sam Kass hosts a four-course dinner featuring dishes that could drastically change – or disappear.

Rachel Leingang

3 Feb 2024

As the first Australian cultivated meat brand to earn regulatory clearance anywhere in the world, Vow’s momentous achievement has raised plenty of intrigue – and questions.

Anay Mridul

4 April 2024

Switch could also cut prevalence of disability linked to diet-related disease and help tackle the climate crisis, researchers found

Andrew Gregory

9 April 2024

One of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for 2024, Californian food tech startup MeliBio has teamed up with Pow.Bio to scale up production of its bee-free honey made from precision fermentation.

Anay Midrul

25 April 2024

About Kita

Kita Food Festival is an exploration and celebration of food in Southeast Asia.

Through a series of curated dinners, collaboration cook ups, symposiums and CSR programmes, Kita aims to spotlight chefs, producers, flavours, and food innovators, while offering inspiration and skills to the younger generation, and a platform for discussing consumption and the future of food.

Kita means “us” or “we” in Malay, a nod to the festival’s origins in Malaysia. This highlights the festival’s inclusive nature, regardless of race, colour, creed, or socio-economic status. It appreciates that in the act of eating, the production of food and caring for an ecologically sound future, the festival’s main themes – we are one.

Kita is a community.


A Brief Outline Of Kita Events

Dining Events


From exclusive, indulgent, once-in-a-lifetime “multi-hand” dining collaborations to fun- often quirky- and vitally, easy-on-the-wallet party pop-ups.

Multi-Chef Communal Cook-Up

Communal cook-ups with multiple chefs working together to produce tasty but unfussy tapas dishes with a side of grooving tunes and relaxed vibes.



A free-to-attend skills-strengthening program for select junior chefs designed to broaden their horizons and positively build and strengthen the industry.

Kita Conversations

A platform for chefs, producers and F&B industry leaders to converge and discuss the topics and issues that are shaping their world today.


“I love the purpose of the Kita Food Festival. Promoting Southeast Asian F&B in a fun and meaningful way makes it very different from other festivals in the region. My favourite part of 2022 was definitely Kita Conversations, which discussed important subjects that need to be addressed now. Our industry is changing in so many different ways. It is time to address these changes.”

Daniel Chavez (Chef Patron)

Canchita Peruvian Cuisine, Singapore

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