Kita Conversations


A platform to discuss the future of food

Kita Conversations is an ongoing dialogue regarding food and its production, history and consumption in the Southeast Asia region. It is a platform to discuss gastronomy and the F&B industry without the buzzwords that have adulterated well-meaning concepts like authenticity, farm to table and sustainability.

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Fundamental Hospitality: Our Core Values as an Industry | Oliver Truesdale Jutras | Kuala Lumpur

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Looking into The Past to Feed the Present | Nithiya Laila |
Kuala Lumpur

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Decoding Enzymes: Novel Culinary Techniques | John Regefalk | Kuala Lumpur

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Following The Money: How To Save Big by Reducing Food Waste | Benjamin Lephilibert | Kuala Lumpur

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Culinary Causeway: Gastronomic DNA of Malaysia & Singapore | Khir Johari | Kuala Lumpur

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Defining and Redefining Luxury through Local Ingredients | Chele Gonzalez | Kuala Lumpur

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Elevating Malaysian Cuisine in Australia | Diana Chan |
Kuala Lumpur

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A Sustainable Ecosystem | Deepankar Khosla |

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The Profound Impact of Culinary Ratings & Celebrity Chef Culture | David Thompson | Singapore

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The Role of Chefs in Shaping Alternative Food Networks | Eric Olmedo | Kuala Lumpur