KITA Food Festival 2023

The KITA Food Festival 2023 included four- and six–hand collaboration dining events, kitchen takeovers, multi chef cook ups and Conversations, a day of TED-style talks for the F&B industry. We brought together more than 100 leading chefs, producers and taste-makers from around the world for 19 events in four different destinations across Malaysia and Singapore.

Kuching Overview


We kicked off our 2023 festival with a four-hand dinner between chef Anthony Yeoh from Summer Hill in Singapore and John Lim from Roots in Kuching, at Roots. The hook? French classics cooked with the wonderful endemic ingredients of Sarawak.

1 Collaborative Dinner



List of Delegates & Participants

Anthony Yeoh (Summer Hill, SG) | John Lim (Roots, Kuching)

Penang Overview


Kita’s next stop was the island of Penang on Peninsular Malaysia’s north coast. The long weekend included a series of four-hand and take over dinners, featuring: Vaughan Mabee from Amisfield in New Zealand with Kim Hock Su at Au Jardin, Hans Christian from August in Jakarta cooking new Nusantara cuisine with Johnson Wong from Gēn, and a kitchen takeover by Peranakan-cuisine chef Malcolm Lee from Michelin starred Candlenut in Singapore. We also held The Great Mezze at ChinaHouse with four Singapore chefs and four Penang chefs cooking casual but ever so tasty dishes, shoulder-to-shoulder.

2 Collaborative Dinners

1 Kitchen Takeover

1 Multi-Chef Cook Up

List of Delegates & Participants

Vaughan Mabee (Amisfield, New Zealand) | Kim Hock Su (Au Jardin, Penang) | Hans Christian (August, Jakarta) | Johnson Wong (Gēn, Penang) | Malcolm Lee (Candlenut, SG) | Jhiun-Dick Leong (Open Farm Community, SG) | Mathijs Nanne (Suffolk House, Penang) | Eugene See (Birds of a Feather, SG) | Nurilkarim Razha (Jawi House, Penang) | MJ Teoh (Native, SG) | CC Lee (Juju Lounge, Penang) | Wagyu Tan (Communal Table by Gēn, Penang)

Singapore Overview


2023 marked our debut into the Lion City, with a series of four- and six- hand dinners and lunches, and a Big Sunday Barbecue with eight of the city’s hottest chefs cooking over charcoal at Coop Coop (formerly known as Raw Kitchen Bar). The long weekend ended with Kita Conversations, an all-day symposium where we heard from some of the sharpest culinary thinkers from across the globe, including Anissa Helou, Prateek Sadhu, Matt Stone and Matthew Orlando. The Singapore Weekender was curated by Brazilian chef Ivan Brehm from Michelin starred Nouri.

5 Collaborative Lunches & Dinners

1 Multi-Chef Cook Up

1 Full Day Symposium

List of Delegates & Participants

Prateek Sadhu (NAAR, India) | Michael Wilson (Marguerite, SG) | Anissa Helou | Mirko Febbrile (Fico, SG) | Matt Stone (Mosey On Inn, Australia) | Peter Smit (Underdog Inn, SG) | Ross Magnaye (Serai, Melbourne) | John Kevin Navoa (Hapag, Manila) x Kurt Sombero (Kubo, SG) | Marcus Tan (Fool, SG) | Son Pham (Sonny’s Pizza, SG) | David Tang (Rosemead, SG) | Ahmir Arshad (Wildcard, SG) | Fariz Ramli (Revolver, SG) | Matteo Ponti (Braci, SG) | Sunny Leong (Wine RVLT, SG) | Matt Orlando | Will Goldfarb | Deepanker Khosla | Khir Johari | Nithiya Laila | Dr Farshad Shishehchian | George Peppou | Aaron Trotman

KL Overview

Kuala Lumpur

The final weekend for 2023 was held in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. First up was a series of four-hand dinners- both fancy and party style, including German chef René Stein of Tisane with Darren Teoh at Dewakan and Manila-based Chele Gonzalez of Galley by Chele cooking tapas dishes at Mano. We held a Big Sunday Barbecue at Botanica+Co’s elegant Bamboo Hills restaurant, with four chefs from Singapore and four from Kuala Lumpur. We ended the festival with another Kita Conversations, this time hearing from culinary greats including David Thompson, Diana Chan, Khir Johari and food waste hacker Benjamin Lephilibert. The grand finale was the Thank You Dinner cooked by our 2023 Horizons chefs.

5 Collaborative Dinners

1 Multi-Chef Cook Up

1 Full Day Symposium

List of Delegates & Participants

Julien Mercier (Claudine, SG) | Masashi Horiuchi (Entier) | René Stein (Tisane, Germany) | Darren Teoh (Dewakan, KL) | Fukuyama Goh (Goh, Japan) | Shaun Ng (HIDE, KL) | Chele Gonzalez (Gallery by Chele, Manila) | Sergio Meza (Mano, KL) | Keiko Kuwakino (Satoyama Jujo, Japan) | Lroy Lim (Ignis, KL) | Jovan Goh (Kotuwa, SG) | Mohammed Eliyaz & Yavhin Siriwardhana (Nadodi, KL) | Oliver Truesdale Jutras (Lo & Behold, SG) | Michael Yee (Waig by Chipta11A, KL) | Carlos Montobbio (Esquina, SG) | Leong Chee Mun (Raw Kitchen Hall, KL) | David Tang (Humpback, SG) | Mandy Goh (ATAS, KL) | David Thompson | Diana Chan | John Regefalk | Benjamin Lephilibert | Steffan Heerdt | Khir Johari | Nithiya Laila | Aaron Trotman | Dr Eric Olmedo | Darren Chin | Jenifer Kuah | Raymond Tham | Ami Sugiyama

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