KITA Food Festival

Shortly after emerging from Covid lockdown, we held a two-city mini-festival in Penang and Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian chefs and tastemakers. It brought together over 30 chefs and industry experts within Malaysia together for a series of 18 masterclasses and dining experiences.

Past Events


We held 3 dinners in Penang; one with Tyson Gee from ATAS and Kim Hock Su at Au Jardin, and the other with Shaun Ng from Hide and Johnson Wong from Restaurant Gen. The final dinner was Gary Anwar from Ember cooking at ChinaHouse.

Kuala Lumpur

There were 20 events over 5 days, including masterclasses, dinners and a Big Sunday Barbecue. More than 30 delegates participated, including Jeff Ramsay, Toni Valero, Jun Wong, Noreen Ramli, Joe Tan, Chai Chun Boon, Tubby, Sricharen Venkatesh, Masashi Horiuchi, Zoe Rai, Raymond Tham, Jack Weldie, Shaun Ng, Lroy Lim, Syuk Othman, Takashi Kimura, Tan Meng How, Wong Yin How, Tan Wei Loom and Darren Teoh, plus the teams from Aliyaa, Junglebird, Eats Shoots and Roots and Native Discovery.